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Our Story

A father-daughter team from Boulder, Colorado. My dad and I started DROP because we fell in love with Argan Oil. My parents spent a few years in the Middle East and felt like the hot, arid climate dried out their skin. When they visited Morocco, a good friends shared the local secret of her youthful radiance. My dad, who is in late 60s, couldn't get enough and our family has been using it ever since. 

When I first tried it on my skin, I knew that I had found something special. Dry skin was a thing of the past. The Argan Oil hydrated my skin, making it super smooth with a dewy glow. Plus, it was easy. I have never had the patience or time for long skin care routines (who does?!). With DROP, I just need a few DROPs and I am out the door. 

This family ritual had grown into a father-daughter business that we are proud to share with you. 

We promise to provide you with the finest cold-pressed organic Argan Oil possible.