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How to DROP? It's as Easy as Pie.


I have tried several products to settle my curly, graying, fly-away hair in this Seattle weather. Most contain sulphates, perfumes or other extenders. I was excited to try this pure argon oil, and I’m truly pleased with the sheen and manageability that it brings to my curls. I hadn’t planned on using DROP on anything but my hair, but one day when I dropped a little too much, I tried it on my dry heels. Yikes, it looks like I’m going to go through this bottle a little faster than I thought. Thank goodness it’s reasonably priced — actually a great deal when you see little you need to be effective. Great product!


Second time I'm going to write about drop! Not only great for rehydrating the skin after swimming, but drop has been a cure for my scars. I had some treadmill clumsiness a few months back and managed to "rough up" both knees. There was some scarring and redness on both. I decided to put some DROP on daily and I noticed changes after several weeks. Proud to say that I don't have any more visible battle wound scars. Thanks DROP! You guys are great!!

Christina C.

I recently bought Drop at the end of what seemed to be a never-ending NYC winter. Before Drop my skin was so dry that I had to reapply moisturizer as soon as I got to work to avoid flaky, dry skin showing up on my face - and had to keep reapplying throughout the day. Now I just use a couple drops of Drop in the morning before I put on my makeup and my skin is hydrated throughout the entire day! I love it and my fiance loves it - it moisturizes his skin so well after he shaves, he can't get enough either :) Thanks so much for bringing this amazing product into my life!

Victoria R.

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